Wholesale LED Ceiling Lights in Singapore

LED Lights: What are their Benefits and Where can I find a Wholesale Supplier in Singapore?

In Singapore as in the rest of the world, buyers are looking for wholesale suppliers of LED ceiling lights to light their businesses and homes. Led lighting can fit multiple lighting fixtures. In addition to more traditional LED lighting fixtures, LED bulbs can be put in pendant lights, track and strip lighting and fancy ceiling light fixtures. This article will explain to the buyer what LED lighting is, the benefits of LED lighting versus traditional lighting options and end with a recommendation of a store that sells LED ceiling lights wholesale in Singapore.

LED Light Technology

LED light bulbs produce light using a Light emitting diode which means that light production using these bulbs is 90% more efficiently than a standard bulb. The US government site gives the following explanation of how LED lights work: “An electrical current passes through a microchip, which illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs and the result is visible light. To prevent performance issues, the heat LEDs produce is absorbed into a heat sink.” LED lighting used to be strictly directional, but recent advancements in the technology have allowed the creation of LED bulbs that distribute light in multiple directions (like a standard blog) while retaining the efficiency of an LED light. These bulbs typically have an Energy Star certification.

LED Lighting Benefits

Now that the buyer knows the basics of how an LED light source works, he or she would need to know the benefits of purchasing an LED lighting fixture for the ceiling or a ceiling fixture that can take an LED bulb in addition to a standard fluorescent or incandescent bulb. 1. The lifespan of an LED bulb is can be as much as 10,000 hours which translates into 11 years of use if the light is used continuously or 22 years of use if the light operates 50% of the time. For the average 8 hours of use that a typical lighting fixture for the ceiling receives the LED bulb would not need to be changed for approximately 20 years, saving the hassle of using the step ladder to change a high fixture. Instead of ‘burning out”, the LED diodes just lower their output levels which lower the brightness of the bub. 2. LED bulbs are more energy efficient meaning that, across the life of the bulb, about 80% of the energy emitted by the bulb is converted into a usable light source with only 20% being burned off as heat. The efficiency of the bulbs means that they emit less heat and at times no heat. This has the added benefits of being cool to the touch which decreases the risk of an accidental burn to a human, being on for hours unattended with a decreased risk of starting an accidental fire and long-term savings because the buyer would not need to use any energy to cool the heat from a bulb when it is not in use. The first one is especially good if you have kids. The decreased heat emissions are also good for storing things that are heat sensitive. 3. LEDs are more durable. They do not have glass casing on the outside and are hollow inside which makes them resistant to environmental shocks such as being dropped, harsh weather, vandalism, or the vibrations and external impacts caused by traffic, construction or manufacturing related issues. 4. For the environmentalist in the buyer, LEDs are eco-friendly in that they are completely recyclable and have a UV emissions rate of close to zero. This means that an LED ceiling light in your kitchen will have little to no effect on UV sensitive objects like those made of plastic. 5. The buyer of an LED bulb or lighting fixture for their ceiling will have an instant, controllable light source. The light is instantaneously bright as soon as you turn it on. Because they work instantly upon the application of an electric current which means that they do not flicker and reach optimum illumination right when they are turned on. The light, color, and direction of the light are easily controlled because the buyer can dim them easily if they want to. This can be used to create a certain mood in a room or to direct light into a certain area for better viewing. This is why LED ceiling lights are good for kitchens. The cook can direct light onto a specific area or thing such as a recipe.

Where to Find LED Lighting in Singapore

Many businesses which rely heavily on lighting for their store or restaurant may want to find a wholesale supplier of LED ceiling lights in Singapore. D'Sol Deco offers LED ceiling lights and designer furniture in Singapore, and has both a physical and online store. They even provide free delivery within Singapore for orders over $300.