Solid Wooden Dining Tables

Solid wooden dining tables: Their popularity has outlasted generations in Singapore

The dining area forms an important part of the Singapore household. For many Singaporeans, the dining area is not just a place for eating food but a place where they can sit with their family members, friends, and other guests and enjoy their meals. To make every meal experience a pleasurable and a warm experience, the right selection of dining area furniture becomes very important. No dining area is complete without a dining table. It forms the integral part or soul of the dining area. Selecting a dining table for a house involves lots of thinking as well planning. Many people in Singapore prefer a wooden dining table because of its durability, easy maintenance, beautiful craft designing, royal look, and limitless extent of creativity.

Selecting a Wooden Dining Table

However, the selection depends on various factors: • Size of the dining area. Depending on the area available, the shape and size of the solid wood dining table has to vary from house to house • The ambience of the house. It is another major factor that is considered while purchasing dining table. It is very important that color and type of dining table should go with room décor. This factor helps the customer to decide whether to go for natural or dark-colored solid wood dining table • A number of members of the family. It is always important to take into consideration the number of the member present in the family. This helps in deciding whether to go for 4,6 or 8 seaters solid wood dining table. • The budget of the buyer is a very important deciding factor in the purchase of dining table. • With so many options available in the furniture market it becomes very challenging to choose the right type of wooden dining table in Singapore. In Singapore, among all the kinds of wooden furniture, the most preferred is usually teak wood. Furniture made from teak wood is durable and has an aesthetic quality. The ability to do apply creativity or crafting designer work is limitless in solid wood dining tables that are made of teak wood. A wooden dining table whether brown or dark in color adds to the ambience of the dining area and makes it look more elegant. Singapore is known for its designer dining furniture. As per designer wood, the natural look makes it ideal for crafting new designs according to your imagination on the piece of furniture. Wooden dining tables through their various shapes and sizes and variety are able to fulfill various customer expectations. Wooden furniture's popularity has outlived generations. Moreover, these solid wood dining tables also look very classy with the ongoing modern concept of teak wood flooring. As far as pricing is concerned there's is a lot of variety of solid dining tables in the market and this variety comes in all price bands. This means some of the other solid wood dining tables is available for every buyer, depending on their budget. Moreover, solid wooden dining tables are cost-effective as like other furniture does not demand replacement and repair on a regular basis.


The best part about solid wood dining tables is that they are always "in". this means that even if there is a change in trends in furniture market, wooden dining tables are there to stay and never go out of fashion. After all, it is more about placing the right furniture at the right place. Solid wood dining tables can either be purchased from furniture shops or ordered online. D'sol Deco is one such player in the designer and custom furniture market in Singapore. It has both online and offline stores with a varied range of furniture, including interior lighting. At D'sol Deco, all the designs of solid wood dining tables are selected on the basis of the role and importance they play in a Singaporean family. The furniture can be ordered online at with complimentary local delivery for purchases above $300.